Such information must be provided to each employee on a yearly basis.  Such information must include instructions regarding safe asbestos handling.  Also, access to information regarding exposure records and medical records must be provided on a yearly basis.

Section 12--Onsite Security

A. The Employer will make reasonable efforts to protect employees from abusive and threatening clients and will take reasonable precautions to ensure such protections.

B. The Employer will arrange for emergency protective assistance at each installation to enable employees to receive assistance if the situation requires it.

C.  Whenever an employee is faced with a physically threatening situation, the Employer will provide appropriate assistance.

D. Employees will not be required to divulge personally identifiable information to the public in individual circumstances where the employee reasonably believes harassment or physical abuse may result. In such cases, the employee should timely inform the supervisor.

E. Where conditions warrant, the Employer will provide equipped security guards at SSA facilities.

F.  SSA will equip reception areas with appropriate security devices to ensure, to the maximum extent possible, employee safety.

G. All phones will be labeled with appropriate emergency numbers.

Section 13--Leases

A. SSA-maintained leases of spaces will be provided to the Union upon request.

B.The parties recognize the potential impact of solicitations of offers from GSA.  The Union will be notified timely of these situations.  This provision is not a waiver of the Union's right to request additional information, consultation and bargaining.

Section 14--Emergency Preparedness

A. Each facility shall have an emergency preparedness plan. This plan will publish the chain of command, which will identify a member of SSA manage