disposed of in impermeable bags or other closed impermeable containers.

M. The Agency will institute a medical surveillance program for all employees engaged in work involving asbestos for 30 or more days per year.  Employees who are exposed to airborne asbestos fibers will receive medical monitoring.

N.  The Employer will make available medical examinations and consultations to each employee prior to assignment to an area which requires that negative pressure respirators are worn.

O. When an employee is assigned to an area where asbestos exposure will exceed 30 or more days per year, a medical examination must be given within ten (10) working days following the thirtieth day of exposure.

P. The Agency shall record all measurements taken to monitor employee exposure to asbestos, including tremolite, anthophyllite, and actinolite. Such records shall be maintained for at least thirty (30) years. The records will include information such as the date of measurement, the operation which caused exposure, the sampling method employed by SSA, the number, duration and results of the samples, type of protective devices worn, and name of the employee exposed. Q.  SSA will initiate a maintenance program in all facilities that contain asbestos. Such a maintenance program will include:

1. Inventory of all asbestos containing materials in a facility;

2. Periodic examinations of asbestos containing materials to detect  deterioration. This may be in conjunction with the biannual health and safety inspections;

3. Written procedures for handling asbestos materials;

4. Written procedures for asbestos disposal;

5. Written procedures for dealing with asbestos related emergencies;

6. Training of those required to handle asbestos containing material in    safe handling procedures;

7.Training of all personnel in prohibited activities which would enhance    dangerous exposure;

8.The Employer must inform all employees regarding the standards contained within this section regarding asbestos.