of agency work places.

B.  Assure response to employee reports of hazardous conditions and require inspections within twenty-four (24) hours for imminent dangers, three (3) working days for potentially serious conditions, and normally twenty (20) working days for other conditions; assure the anonymity of those making reports.  However, an investigation may not be necessary if through normal management action and with prompt notification to employees, the hazardous condition identified can be abated immediately.

C. The parties agree that each worksite facility will be inspected at least twice each calendar year using form SSA-5510. In large facilities, such as headquarters, PSCs, and DOCs, the second inspection will be a followup inspection conducted within 90 days after completion of the original inspection.

D.The Technological Environment Advisory Committee (TEAC), (see Appendix A, Section B) will be empowered to review form SSA 5510 and recommend modifications to this form to incorporate health and safety issues related to office technology.

E. Health and safety committees will be empowered to develop or review procedures which will be considered for application in appropriate facilities to cover issues such as bomb threats, possible shootings, temperature conditions, conditions of evacuation and similar office health and safety problems.

Section 8--Temperature Conditions

The parties recognize that temperature conditions in and around work areas can have a direct bearing on employees' health.  The parties agree that the problem of temperature extremes, either hot or cold, and appropriate measures to reduce the risk of exposed employees are appropriate matters for referral to established health and safety committees or to the local health and safety representatives, as appropriate.

Section 9--Reporting Unsafe Conditions

The Administration shall assure that no employee is subject to restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination, or reprisal for filing a report of an unsafe or unhealthy working condition, or other participation in agency occupational safety and health program activities.

Section 10--Notification of Danger

When the Employer receives a report that a dangerous, unhealthful or potentially dangerous or unhealthful condition is present at a particular worksite, the Employer shall notify the Health and Safety Committee or the local Union Health and Safety representative, as appropriate, of the alleged dangerous or unhealthful condition.