cooperate in identification of local health service needs, such as emergency treatment of illness or injury on the job, periodic testing for early detection of chronic diseases or disorders, immunization programs, periodic medical  examination programs and health education.

The Administration will, at a minimum, continue to provide emergency treatment and physical exams where presently provided.

The Administration will locate low cost/no cost local medical providers for services such as cholesterol, blood pressure and dental screenings, mammograms, etc. and will make such information available to employees.  The Administration will also provide/pay for physician-recommended flu shots.

A reasonable amount of administrative leave will be granted to employees who are availing themselves of these services.

B. The Employer will make appropriate arrangements for employees interviewing individuals with known serious communicable diseases.

1. Management will take appropriate precautions when there is contact    with a person who may have tuberculosis (TB).If an employee is exposed to  someone at the worksite with active TB, the employee will be offered a TB screening test during work hours at no cost to the employee.

2. The Employer will keep records of employees' exposure to active TB at  the worksite.

3. The Employer will provide the employee with information, forms, and    assistance in filing a claim for Workers Compensation.

C. Management will take appropriate precautions against the spread of infectious disease.  Such precautions will include, but are not limited to tissues on interviewing desks as well as liquid soap dispensers and paper towels in bathroom and kitchen areas.

D. Management will provide timely testing for those who reasonably believe that they were exposed in the conduct of their official duties to a person who may have a serious infectious disease.  There will be no cost to the employees for leave or the exam. 

Section 7--Inspections

The Employer shall:

A. Assure that designated Union representative accompany all  inspections