4. Receiving and investigating employee reports of unsafe or unhealthy    conditions. Employees may submit such reports to  either the Union or    management representative.  When such a report is received, the Union and management representatives  will attempt to jointly verify the facts and submit a report, or, if not in agreement, separate reports to the official in charge of the installation, who will decide what, if any, action to take.

In conducting the joint investigation, the parties may seek assistance from  outside parties with special expertise. Should the Union representative be dissatisfied with either the lack of expertise to conduct the investigation  or with the installation manager's disposition of the matter, he/she may raise the matter with a Union designee of the applicable council for further review.  Such council designee may further review the matter at appropriate management levels.

5. Development and monitoring of abatement plans needed to correct local conditions as appropriate.

6. Referral of matters to the agency OSHA officer(s), OSHA and/or NIOSH    as appropriate.

7. Receipt of copies of any written notice referred by an agency official in response to an employee report of an unsafe or unhealthful condition.

8. Develop and/or monitor preventative maintenance plans for humidifier    maintenance, water spray and other HVAC system components.

9. Receipt of all reports of security incidents involving threats to employees, their offices and property. Such reports may be sanitized as  appropriate.

B. If no onsite health and safety representative is available, the Union will designate a health and safety representative from a nearby facility.

C. FO, OPIR, OHA field components will have designated health and safety committees which are responsible for coordination of the program at the National level.

Section 4--Abatement of Unsafe and Unhealthy Working Conditions

A. The Employer shall make every reasonable effort to promptly abate unsafe or unhealthy working conditions.