B. The parties agree to establish three national component level committees for the FO, ROPIR and OHA field components.  These committees will be composed of an equal number of Union representatives and management officials.  The Union will be entitled to appoint a minimum of three Union representatives to each committee.

C. The parties agree to establish a health and safety committee in the Auburn teleservice center.

D. When SSA houses multiple components in a facility with a health and safety committee, each component in the facility will participate in the functioning of the committee. All Union components in the facility will be afforded the opportunity to appoint at least one representative to the facility committee.

E. The committee functions will include but will not necessarily be limited to those activities set forth in Section 3A of this article.

F. Frequency of committee meetings will be determined by the committees.  National component-level committees, however, will meet no less than three (3) times a year.

G. SSA will pay for all travel and per diem expenses incurred by Union members of health and safety committees.  All official time utilized for committee functions will be excluded from the bank or block.

H. In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, the Employer will provide available information which is necessary to the duties of the committee upon request.

Section 3--Field Office Structure

A.  In each installation, other than those identified in Section 2, the Administration shall designate a health and safety official and the Union shall designate an onsite health and safety representative to carry out the following functions:

1. Conduct joint inspections.

2.  Joint reports regarding inspection findings to the appropriate management official.
3.  Participation, as appropriate, in inspections conducted by  governmental authorities outside the Administration's control.