receiving a travel advance.   

The Administration shall process all claims for travel expenses  as expeditiously as possible.  If an employee should not have  adequate funds, the Administration will make every effort to make alternative arrangements. 

Section 5--Use of Privately Owned Vehicles/Government Furnished Vehicles

Bargaining unit employees will not be required to use privately owned vehicles, unless such use is made a condition of employment. If the Administration decides to make use of privately owned vehicles a condition of employment, the Employer will notify the Union and meet its obligation to bargain under 5 U.S.C. 71.

A. Reasonable periods of time spent by a traveling employee during regular duty hours to make emergency repairs to or refueling of vehicles used to conduct government business will be  considered duty time. 

B. In situations where a traveling employee is required to pick up or return a government-furnished vehicle from a motor pool, without first checking in and/or out of the permanent duty  station, the Administration will schedule the travel assignments so that the traveler may leave home at the same hour he/she would leave to report to the office, and, upon return, so that he/she may arrive home at the same time he/she would ordinarily arrive had he/she worked at the office.

C. When an employee uses a privately owned vehicle (POV) instead of an available government-furnished vehicle (GFV), mileage will be paid at the maximum reduced rate consistent with GSA regulations.

D. In all other cases, mileage for the use of the POV will be compensated at the maximum rate permitted by GSA.

E. The Administration will not require employees to drive or ride in unsafe vehicles.  When an employee is assigned a GFV  that is not functioning or equipped properly, the employee shall  report the situation to the supervisor or to the GSA official, whichever is appropriate.

Section 6--Document and Property Loss/Theft

An employee is accountable for government documents or property in their possession and/or custody.  Employees exercising reasonable care will not be held responsible for documents or property damaged, lost, or stolen from their possession and/or custody.