Article 8

Official Travel

Section 1--Compensation and Travel

To the maximum extent practicable, time spent in travel status away from the employee's official duty station will be scheduled by the Administration within the normal working hours.  Where it is necessary that travel be performed during non-duty hours, the employee will be paid overtime when such travel constitutes hours of work under 5 U.S.C. or the Fair Labor Standards Act, if applicable.

Section 2--Change from Per Diem Allowance to Actual and Necessary Subsistence Expenses

A. Advance Authorization.  An employee scheduled to travel in an area for which a per diem allowance is prescribed, may request advance authorization for travel on the basis of actual and necessary subsistence expenses. Any such request will normally be approved when the supporting justification showing the unusual  and exceptional circumstances for the request meet Agencywide  guidelines.

B. Post Approval. Reimbursement for actual and necessary subsistence expenses allowable under law and/or rules and regulations issued above the Administration will normally be authorized on a post approval basis if the employee can justify that prudent expenses required by the ordered travel exceeds (as defined by Agencywide guidelines) the prescribed per diem rate.  This provision applies only to travel involving assignments of 30 calendar days or less.

Section 3--Continuation of Approved Travel Expenses

Employees who are unable to arrive at, or return from their destination during regular duty hours will be reimbursed for authorized travel expenses provided said inability to arrive or return is due to arduous travel conditions beyond the employee's control resulting from natural calamity, unavailability of transportation, or severe weather.   
Section 4--Advancement of Expenses

Employees required to travel shall have the option of requesting  a travel advance. Such requests shall be filed by the employee as soon as possible and processed by the Administration as expeditiously as possible. Normally the Administration will not require an employee to travel overnight prior to