one local to another within the bargaining unit, any change in  the local to receive dues deducted and any changes in the amount to be deducted based on the transfer to a new local.

E. The Union will purchase and distribute SF-1187s or their equivalent which includes the following language:

Dues withholding may be revoked by submitting an SF-1188 or its equivalent within a 30 calendar day period prior to the anniversary date of signing the SF-1187 or its equivalent. If a request for revocation is not submitted within the timeframe cited above, the authorization will recycle for additional 1 year periods on each anniversary of the date an SF-1187 or its equivalent was signed.

Section 3--Management Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of management to:

A. Ensure that bargaining unit employees who are transferred, reassigned or otherwise relocated to a different local within the bargaining unit remain on dues withholding.   

B. Process voluntary allotments of dues in accordance with this article.  Dues changes and SF-1187s or equivalent forms will be processed on a timely basis.  Input exceptions will be corrected and re-input at the earliest practicable time. 

C.  Withhold employee dues on a biweekly basis.

D. Transmit remittance checks to the local allottee designated by the Union in accordance with this article, together with the following information:

1. The name of each unit employee for whom a deduction is made during that pay period and the amount withheld.

2. Identification of unit employee(s) for whom allotments have been temporarily or permanently stopped and the reason(s) therefore.

E. Upon request from an employee, furnish and process SF-1188s or equivalent forms in accordance with the terms and conditions specified on SF-1187s or equivalent forms and this agreement. Management will return SF-1188s or equivalent forms not timely filed.

F. Management will forward to the designated Union representative(s) copies of processed SF-1188s or equivalent  forms received directly from members.