Article 6

Dues Withholding

Section 1--Payroll Deductions

Any bargaining unit employee(s) may have regular and periodic dues, fees and assessments withheld through payroll deductions if the employee voluntarily completes SF-1187, Request and Authorization for Voluntary Allotment of Compensation for Payment of Employee Organization Dues, or its equivalent and has sufficient compensation to cover the amount of the allotment.

Section 2--Union Responsibilities

A. The Union will undertake to inform members of the voluntary nature of dues withholding and of the conditions governing a member's cancellation of dues withholding.

B. The Union will forward any SF-1187, or its equivalent, timely and any SF-1188 or equivalent memorandum, within 5 calendar days to the appropriate servicing personnel office when such forms or equivalent memorandums are submitted to the Union.

C. The Union will inform the employee's servicing personnel office of the name of any participating employee on dues checkoff who has been expelled or ceases to be a member in good standing of the Union as soon as possible.   

D. The Union agrees to inform the servicing personnel office of changes in the following:

1. The title and address of the individual local Union official responsible for certifying on each employee's authorization form the amount  of dues to be withheld.

2. The title and address and/or payee of the individual local Union    official to whom remittances are to be made.

3. Changes in dues amounts in either single or multi-level dues structures. Changes in the amount of allotments over which the Union has control may not be made more than once during a calendar year. Changes in the amount of allotments over which the Union does not have control may be made when required by an outside party.

4. The name of any employee on dues withholding who transfers from