system will be provided (in local installations if available).

C. The date negotiations will begin and the daily schedule will be established through consultation. If no agreement is reached on a beginning date, bargaining will start in sufficient time to complete negotiations within the overall timeframe set under Article 4 for the level involved.

D. Absent mutual consent, flextime for negotiators will be suspended for the duration of the negotiations to maximize meeting time available for bargaining.

E. Alternates may substitute for committee members. Such alternates will be entrusted with the right to speak for and to bind the members for whom they substitute.

IV. Routine

A. During negotiations, the chief negotiator for each party will signify agreement on each section by initialing the agreed-upon section. The chief negotiator for each party will retain his/her copies and initial the other    party's copy. This will not preclude the parties from reconsidering or revising any agreed-upon section by mutual consent.

B. It is agreed that either committee requesting a caucus will    leave the negotiation room to caucus at a suitable site provided by the Employer. There is no limit on the number of caucuses which may be held, but each party will make every effort to restrict the number and length of  caucuses.

C. The agreement shall not be completed and finalized until all proposals have been disposed of by mutual consent.  Negotiation disputes, including questions of negotiability and impassed items, will be processed in a manner consistent with 5 U.S.C. 71 and implementing regulations. This will not serve as a bar to the parties concluding by mutual consent a general agreement on those items which have been or remain to be    negotiated.

V. Maintenance of Records

A. It is agreed that no official transcript will be made of the negotiation proceedings.  However, each party may make and keep its own notes and records.

B. The negotiation proceedings will not be recorded by means of any tape/electric/electronic recording device.