established payday, the agency will, at the employee's request, authorize an emergency payment pursuant to the procedures in Section 10 of this article.

C. Employees are responsible for arranging for the timely repayment of overpayments. Where employees have been overpaid, the Employer will advise employees of the procedures available and provide the necessary forms for filing a request for waiver of overpayments.

Section 8--Voluntary Activities

The parties agree that employee participation in the Combined Federal Campaign, Blood Donor Drives, Bond Campaigns and other worthy projects will be on a voluntary basis.  This does not preclude giving general publicity and encouragement to employees to contribute.  The Employer will not require or coerce employees to invest their money, donate to charity or participate in these activities.  Participation or nonparticipation will not advantage or disadvantage employees.

Section 9--Outside Employment

The Employer agrees to approve or disapprove an employee's written request to engage in outside employment as soon as possible. The Employer agrees to include a statement of its reason for disapproving any such request.

Section 10--Emergency Payment Procedures

The parties agree to the following conditions and procedures for replacement of a salary payment not received or when a received salary check is lost, stolen or mutilated and for which waiting for the recertified salary payment would cause undue hardship:
1. The Agency may, at the employee's request, authorize an emergency payment to an employee when his/her salary payment is not received on the established payday, subject to Sections 3 and 4 of this section.

2. Emergency employee payments cannot be an advance of salary, but can only be for the amount earned for a pay period (excluding overtime) which was not paid to the employee on the established payday.