understood an employee may request and, within reason, receive additional copies at any time.

E. Other than records that are exempt, any record that has not been disclosed to an employee on a timely basis and placed in any file authorized by law, government-wide regulations and this contract, cannot be used in either a disciplinary or adverse action or performance based actions.

Section 6--Right to Union Representation

A. If the employee wishes to discuss a problem or potential grievance with a Union representative, the employee shall have the right to contact and meet with the Union representative on duty time.  The employee will be released from duties to contact and meet with the Union representative when he/she requests to exercise this right, unless there is a pressing operational exigency.

B. A representative of the Union shall be given an opportunity to be present at an examination, discussion, or interview  involving an employee if the employee reasonably believes that the event may result in a disciplinary action against him/her and the employee requests such representation.  Once an employee chooses to exercise this right by requesting representation, no further questioning or action will take place until the employee's representative is present, provided no unreasonable delay occurs.  However, this does not apply to run-of-the-mill work conversations.

C. When an employee is being interviewed by an SSA investigative official and criminal charges against the employee are being considered, the employee will be informed that criminal misconduct is involved and will be advised of his/her right to be represented by an attorney at the interview and the right to remain silent.

Section 7--Timely and Proper Compensation

A. The Employer will make every effort to ensure that employees receive their paycheck/salary payment on the established payday.  The Employer will make every effort to ensure that employees receive their paycheck/salary payment, bonds and W-2 forms either personally or at locations designated by the employees, in accordance with Treasury Department rules and regulations. Management will distribute the employees' earnings and leave statements on payday or as soon thereafter as reasonably possible.  Employees are responsible for reviewing their earnings and leave statements and notifying their supervisors of any unexplained changes.

B. When a bargaining unit employee's salary payment is not received on the