D. Supervisors may retain personal "supervisory" notes commonly called memory joggers.
1. All of the following conditions must exist for the notes to be considered memory joggers. The notes must be:

a. Retained as a memory aid by the supervisor;
b. For the supervisor's personal use;
c.  Provided to no other person; and
d.  Retained or discarded at the supervisor's discretion.

2. These notes are considered mere extensions of the supervisor's memory and are not subject to the Privacy Act.  However, if any of the conditions are broken, these notes are no longer mere extensions of the supervisor's memory and become records subject to the Privacy Act.

3. These personnel notes, or memory joggers shall not be used to circumvent  proper disclosure to the employee(s); nor may they be used to retain information that should properly be contained in a system of records such as the SF-7B folder.  The personnel notes shall be kept or destroyed as the supervisor who wrote them see fit.

Section 5--SF-7B Extension File

A. Except as specifically authorized by this agreement, the SF-7B Extension File is the only authorized file for personnel records, which may be maintained by a supervisor, other than the official personnel folder.

B. The file will be screened and purged, normally in February, but in any case no later than March each year, and outdated material shall be removed and returned to the employee.

C. Records shall be retained only as long as such administrative need exists, but normally no longer than 1 year.

D. Employees shall be advised of the nature and purpose of their official personnel folder, SF-7B Extension File, and their locations.  Employees shall be notified and given a photocopy of any material placed in the SF-7B Extension File within three (3) working days.  Employees who review their Official Personnel File may request a copy of material not routinely furnished them.  Employees should acknowledge receipt by signature.  It is understood such acknowledgement does not constitute agreement with the contents.  It is