conversations,  in private.
2. If an employee is to be served with a warrant or subpoena, it will be done in private to the extent that the Employer has knowledge of and can control the situation.

E. All employees who are new to a facility will be introduced to the staff during the first week they report for duty.

F. Management will make reasonable efforts to provide in-office security to protect employees' personal belongings.  Employees will exercise reasonable care to protect their personal belongings and will minimize the number of personal items brought to the office.  Upon request, management will instruct employees on filing a claim for reimbursement under 31 U.S.C. 3721 and will make forms available in case of loss.

G.    1. An employee's decision to resign or retire (if eligible for  optional
retirement) shall be made freely and in accordance with prevailing    regulations.

2. If an employee is facing removal or termination, the employee may resign, freely and in accordance with prevailing regulations, any time prior to the effective date.  An employee may withdraw his/her resignation prior to the effective date, as long as the position is uncommitted or    unencumbered.

H. The Employer will continue to provide retirement planning information to bargaining unit employees who are within twelve (12) months of retirement eligibility.  Such information may include, but is not necessarily limited to individual counseling, elder care assistance, retirement materials, legal services counseling, life and medical insurance counseling, etc.  When in-person seminars are not available (e.g., certain field components not located within a metropolitan area), the Agency will continue to make this information available through videotapes and live telecasts on the SSA National Satellite Network.

Section 3--Whistle-Blower Protection

Employees shall be protected against reprisal for the lawful disclosure of information which the employee reasonably believes evidences a violation of law, rule, or regulation, or evidences mismanagement, a waste of funds, an abuse of authority, or a danger to health or safety.