the national level, will furnish the union with documentation of its authority to do so.

The union will be notified in writing of management positions to conduct unannounced service observation as well as the positions to be service observed.

An employee's utilization of a telephone subject to service observation will not be construed as consent to being service observed.

IV.  Unannounced Service Observation by Supervisors

Unannounced service observation by supervisors will only be triggered by observation of conduct problems on the phone.

Prior to engaging in unannounced service observations because of a conduct problem, the supervisor will counsel the employee about the conduct problem and the employee will be timely notified in advance in writing of the basis for the unannounced observation and the details of the plan.

The unannounced observation period will not exceed 60 days unless an additional notification is provided.

These unannounced observations will be retained in the employee's SF-7B extension file.

V  MiscellaneousManagement will provide a copy of this MOU to all affected employees and union officials prior to its implementation and post a copy on the bulletin boards in each affected office for a period of thirty days.

The agency will keep the Union informed of any plans to use service observation as the methodology for any future national studies.

It is the intent of the parties to continually improve the application and implementation of this agreement through our partnership council.

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