Memorandum of Understanding
Unannounced Service Observation

I.  Scope and Coverage

This memorandum of understanding (MOU) is entered into by and between the SSA/AFGE Operations Partnership Council.

The purpose of this MOU is to set forth the parties' agreements with respect to the use of service observation by Operations management in the 800 number network.  This MOU eliminates unannounced service observation except as provided below.  This MOU applies to positions currently subject to Tier 1 service observation.  Our intent is to ensure courteous accurate and professional service to our customers without having a punitive environment for our employees.  It covers the use of unannounced service observation by supervisors in the rare exceptions of conduct problems.

II.  Definitions

Conduct problems: Rude telephone behavior, hang-ups without cause, making personal calls while callers are on hold, etc.

Supervisor:  Includes all levels of supervisory/management personnel.

III  General Provisions

Telephones which are subject to service observation will be clearly labeled "This telephone is subject to Service Observation."  Other phones will available for routine use.

In conducting service observations, the Agency will comply with applicable Federal and State Statutes, the Federal Information Resource Management Regulations and the Department of Health and Human Services Telecommunications Management Manual, as of the effective date of this MOU.

This MOU covers service observation when it is necessary to monitor inappropriate conduct.

The agency will issues policy guidance to personnel conducting unannounced service observations to ensure that they are aware that the HHS/SSA authorization extends only to the observation of business related calls and not to any personal or union calls.

Prior to implementing any unannounced service observation, Operations, at