§ 890.502  Employee withholdings and contributions.

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(e) Direct payment of premiums during periods of LWOP status in excess of 365 days.   (1) An employee who is granted leave without pay under subpart L of part 630 of this chapter which exceeds the 365 of continued coverage under section 890.303(e) must pay the employee contributions directly to the employing office on a current basis.
(2) Payment must be made after the pay period in which the employee is covered in accordance with a schedule established by the employing office.  If the employing office does not receive the payment by the date due, the employing office must notify the employee in writing that continuation of coverage depends upon payment being made within 15 days (45 days for employees residing overseas) after receipt of the notice.  If no subsequent payments are made, the employing office terminates the enrollment 60 days (90 days for enrollees residing overseas) after the date of the notice.
(3) If the enrollee was prevented by circumstances beyond his or her control from making payment within the timeframe specified in paragraph (e)(2) of this section, he or she may request reinstatement of the coverage by writing to the employing office.  The employee must file the request within 30 calendar days from the date of termination and must include supporting documentation.
(4) The employing office determines whether the employee is eligible for reinstatement of coverage.  If the determination is affirmative, the employing office reinstates the coverage of the employee retroactive to the date of termination.  If the determination is negative, the employee may request a review of the decision from the employing agency as provided under § 890.104.
(5) An employee whose coverage is terminated under paragraph (e)(2) of this section may register to enroll upon his or her return to duty in a pay status in a position in which the employee is eligible for coverage under this part.
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Billing Code:  6325-01