Article 38

Multilingual Employees

Section 1--Purpose and Scope

A.  This article covers those employees who occupy positions that require the possession and use of bilingual skills, positions such as: certain information receptionists, certain claims clerks/receptionists, teleservice center representatives, service representatives, claims representatives and field representatives.

B.  This article applies to employees who are hired, assigned, or promoted where bilingual ability was a condition of that action, and that action is a matter of record in their official personnel files, promotion packages, OPM records or bilingual appointment agreement.

C.  Management will continue to give consideration to multilingual employees for details, reassignments, leave approval, hours of work or any other conditions of employment, like all other employees.

Section 2--Definitions

A.    Multilingual/bilingual means proficiency in a language or languages, in addition to English.  This definition also includes American Sign Language.

B.  Multilingual/bilingual skills and duties may include speaking, understanding, reading and writing.

Section 3--Appraisal Considerations 

A.  The parties recognize that multilingual duties may incorporate an additional workload for affected employees and that multilingual duties often involve additional time, effort, and case complexities.  When this occurs, management agrees to consider the additional effort required to process multilingual workloads in evaluating performance.

B.  Progress reviews will reflect multilingual performance contributions as appropriate, under applicable performance plans.

Section 4--Assistance and Training

A.    Upon request, the Employer will make availableappropriate bilingual dictionaries as available.