Article 36

Research Programs and Demonstration Projects

Section 1--Definitions

For the purpose of this agreement, the following definitions apply:

"Research program" means a planned study of the manner in which public management policies and systems are operating, the effects of those policies and systems, the possibilities for change, and comparisons among policies and systems.

"Demonstration project" means a project conducted by the Office of Personnel Management, or under its supervision,  to determine whether a specified change in personnel management policies or procedures would result in improved Federal personnel management.

Section 2--Notification to Union

The Administration will notify the Union of any inquiry from a higher level authority concerning a research program or demonstration project which is applicable to bargaining unit employees.  Such notification will be at an early enough date so as to ensure that the Union's input is considered before making a decision.  The Administration will provide the Union with copies, without cost, of all documents relating to such an inquiry.

Section 3--Negotiation

In accordance with the Civil Service Reform Act, the Union shall have the right to negotiate on research programs and demonstration projects after any agreement between the Administration and the Office of Personnel Management with regard to such projects is finalized.

Section 4--Evaluation

After implementation of the program, the Union will be kept informed of the progress on a continuing basis.  Any official evaluation reports shall reflect the Union's position.  If the position of the Union is different from the Administration's, the Administration shall attach a copy of the Union's position.

Section 5--Access to Data

The parties agree that the Union shall be given access to data which is maintained by the Administration.