21.  SSA will give bona-fide consideration to employees requesting    reassignment from a non-job sharing position to a job sharing position and  from a job sharing position to another job sharing position.  This will    also include positions in other locations, as specified by the employee.     An employee whose request is denied shall be notified of the reasons in    writing upon request.

22.  Awards for job sharers will be consistent with Article 17 of the    National Agreement.  It is understood that neither party has compromised its respective position concerning the pro-ration of awards for part-time employees.

23.  When management meets with potential job-sharing participants, the  Union will be provided notice and an opportunity to be present under Article 2, Section 3C of the National Agreement.

Potential job-sharing/job splitting participants shall submit a written    proposal to their immediate supervisor.

Potential participants will receive a written response from management    within a reasonable amount of time  (normally within 10 work days) of    submitting their written proposal informing them of acceptance or rejection    of their job sharing/job splitting proposal.  If rejected, the reasons    will be stated.  The participants may revise their written proposal to    accommodate the reasons given for rejection and resubmit it for another    decision.

24.  The Administration will give good faith consideration to the    employees' initial requests and requests for continuing participation in    job sharing/job splitting based on employee circumstances and needs of the    organization.

25.  If at any time the Spokesperson, AFGE General Committee (or designee) or the Deputy Commissioner for Human Resources (or designee) believes that  there is a problem with the plan, either party may submit to the other party an outline of the situation.  Both parties will make a good-faith effort to resolve any problems or misunderstandings expeditiously.

26.  The parties to this Agreement recognize that certain positions may    involve those that are traditionally career-ladder.  In these positions,    employees entering into a job-sharing arrangement must be at the    journeyperson grade.  In those situations where employees are not in a    career-ladder, job sharers must be at the same grade.

27. Performance appraisals for the part-time employees, including job