11. If job splitting is implemented, any changes in employees' working    conditions not otherwise covered by this article will be handled in    accordance with the National Agreement and 5 U.S.C. 71.

12.  Employees who enter into job sharing have no guarantee that they will subsequently be converted to full-time or regular part-time employment, but  the Administration agrees to consider the employee's request based on the  employee's circumstances and the needs of the organization.  An employee who is denied conversion shall be notified in writing of the reasons, upon request.

13.  If SSA determines that a position cannot be job shared, it will so    notify the Union at the General Committee level in writing of its reasons    as soon as possible.

14.  Participation in any experiments will not automatically preclude    participation in job sharing.

15. Management agrees that each member of the job sharing/job splitting team will be provided adequate workspace and will make reasonable efforts to provide in-office security to protect employee's personal belongings.

16. It is understood that job-sharing/job splitting is not intended to    require employees to perform job duties when they are not in duty status. Therefore, every effort will be made to minimize the need for    communications with employees while not on duty.

17.  Leave requests by employees in a job sharing situation shall be    approved or denied in accordance with Article 31.  Leave will not be denied    solely on the basis of participation in a job share situation.

18.  The Union is not precluded from conducting job share/job splitting    surveys which will be mailed to job share/job splitting participants.  SSA    will provide the Union designee with a listing of the names, grades,    positions, and duty stations of the affected employees.

19.  In order to assist potential job sharers, SSA agrees to publicize    potential job share needs in the same manner SSA publicizes leave    sharing.

20.  Where an employee requests to work part-time and job sharing/job    splitting is being considered, SSA will grant reasonable amounts of duty    time for employees to speak with/to each other about the possibility of job sharing/job splitting, drafting and revising their proposals, completing    the surveys, discussions with management and the Union about job    sharing/job splitting and their proposals.