L.  Reduction in Force

In a RIF, part-time employees are placed in a separate competitive level from comparable full-time employees.  When released from competitive level, a part-time employee can compete only for other part-time jobs.  Similarly a full-time employee has assignment rights only to a full-time position and cannot displace a part-time employee.

M.  Merit Promotion

A job sharing team may apply for a full time position under agency merit promotion programs but the qualifications of each job sharer should be evaluated individually.  If both job sharers are among the best qualified, they should be referred as a team to the selecting official.  A job sharer may also apply individually for promotion to a part-time or full-time position.  In the latter case, the job sharer would have to agree to a full-time work schedule if selected for the position.

N.  Pay and Classification

Principles and procedures apply equally to full-time and part-time positions.  The grade level of a position is determined by the level of difficulty of work; an employee's work schedule should have no effect on the proper classification of a position.

O.  Other Provisions

1. If an employee is engaged in part-time work and the Agency deems that it is necessary to convert the individual to full-time work, to the maximum  extent feasible, it shall give the employee at least two weeks notice prior to the start of the effected administrative work week.  The employee will be given an opportunity to explain how such action may cause undue hardship.  The Agency on presentation of a reasonable explanation showing  the undue hardship will then make every reasonable attempt to alleviate the situation and to find other ways to accomplish the work. The Agency will  afford the employee a written explanation of the reason for change to a  full-time position for any period of time exceeding two full pay periods.

2. Additional hours will not be assigned to employees engaged in job    sharing for the purpose of eliminating the need to schedule qualified,    full-time employees for overtime.  Such overtime hours will be assigned and accomplished according to contractual obligations.

3. The employment of an individual in a part-time position or a seasonal    position shall not be a basis for exclusion from participation in a job    sharing/job splitting program.