ployee in positions commensurate with his/her demonstrated ability.

Section 4--Part-Time Employees

A.  If a full-time employee wishes to convert to part-time, he/she shall make a request to his/her supervisor.  The Administration will give good faith consideration to the employee's request based on the employee's circumstances and the  needs of the organization.

B. Employees who accept or convert to part-time positions have no guarantee that they will subsequently be converted to full-time employment, but the Administration agrees to consider the    employee's request based on the employee's circumstances and the needs of the organization.  Management will give first consideration, where workloads and staffing considerations permit, to increasing an incumbent to full-time before seeking an outside hire for the same position and location.

C.  The Administration will advise the employee of the effects of change to part-time employment and, in case of change in grade, the salary of the part-time appointment.

D.  Requests for changes to part-time and full-time employment can be made in writing and will be retained and considered for at least 6 months.

E.  An employee who is denied a conversion from full-time to part-time or vice versa shall be notified in writing, upon request, of the reasons.

F.  The Administration agrees to establish regular tours of duty for part-time permanent appointees which are consistent with appropriate law, rules and regulations.  Tours of duty for part-time employees will be established or changed by Standard Form 52.  Tours of duty determine the employee's eligibility for pay on holidays as well as other benefits and entitlements under law.

G.  The Administration recognizes that part-time employment may be particularly appropriate for certain classes of employees; e.g.,

1. Individuals seeking gradual transition into  retirement or another  career;

2. Individuals who for health, family, education, or other personal    reasons require a reduced workweek.

H.  As a general rule a full-time employee will not normally be required to accept part-time employment as a condition of continued employment, nor will the Administration, where operating conditions permit, abolish a full-time position occupied by an employee in order to make that position available on a part-time basis.