Article 33

Temporary, Probationary, Part-Time Permanent and Seasonal Employees

Section 1--General

All employees of the bargaining unit shall be covered by the terms of this Agreement to the extent consistent with CSRA and other applicable laws and regulations.

Section 2--Temporary Employees

A.  Should the need arise to employ individuals at other than entry-level positions, the Union will be informed prior to the appointment.

B.  The Administration will notify the Union of the proposed separation of temporary employees.

C.  Temporary employees may be separated at anytime upon notice in writing from the Agency.  When it is determined that a temporary employee is to be separated, the employee will normally be given two(2) weeks notice.

Section 3--Probationary Employees

A.  The Administration agrees to provide probationary employees with the opportunity to develop and to demonstrate their proficiency.

B.  During the probationary period, the employees' conduct and performance in the actual duties of their positions may be observed, their preemployment background investigated, and they may be separated from the service for cause.

C.  Probationary employees will be entitled to ongoing counseling about their conduct and performance and their standing through completion of their probationary period.

D.  Probationary employees have the right to Union representation.

E.  It is management's intent that, when a probationary employee is to be separated, the employee will ordinarily be given two (2) weeks notice of termination, when practicable, or such notice as the remaining probationary period permits.

F.  In cases of impending separation (for cause other than misconduct), the Administration will give consideration to placement of the probationary em