1. that the employee is totally disabled for service in his/her current    position and

2.  that reasonable accommodation for another position cannot be made,

the Employer will so advise the employee and provide appropriate    counseling.

B.  When such a disabled employee has five (5) or more years of Federal service and would meet existing disability retirement requirements, the Employer will counsel him/her concerning disability retirement and explain the procedure for voluntarily applying for disability retirement.  In the event that such an employee is unable or unwilling to file on his/her own behalf, the Employer may initiate an application for the employee in accordance with applicable law and regulation.

1. The Employer shall provide the employee proper notice, in accordance  with regulation 831.1203(b), and shall permit the employee thirty (30) days    in which to respond in writing.

2.  If the medical evidence and performance records establish that the    employee retains the capacity to perform satisfactorily in a vacant lower    grade position which the Employer seeks to fill within the employee's    commuting area, the employee will be informed of his/her option to request such a demotion.

Section 6--Confidentiality of Records

All records pertaining to the employee's examination and, as applicable, any subsequent personal information included with an application for disability retirement are confidential and may be disclosed only to those with an administrative need to know or as specifically authorized by the subject employee in writing.