duties of  the position, including critical elements, physical demands, and environmental factors.

3. The Employer shall order or offer a psychiatric evaluation to an    employee only when the employee first provides results of a general medical  or psychiatric examination or the Employer has first conducted a  non-psychiatric medical examination and, after review of the documentation  or examination report, the Employer's physician concurs that a psychiatric evaluation is warranted for medical reasons.

C.  All medical examinations ordered or offered pursuant to Sections 3(A) and 3(B) above shall be at no cost to the employee and performed on duty time at no charge to leave.

Section 4--Procedures

In seeking a fitness-for-duty examination which may or may not lead to a disability application, the following rules and procedures shall apply:

A.  In all discussions with any management official, the employee shall be entitled to Union representation; prior to any discussion, the employee shall be notified of this right, given an opportunity to contact and discuss the matter with his/her Union representative, and permitted the right of representation in such discussion.  This will not preclude an employee from having another representative of his/her choosing.

B.  During these procedures, the employee will be apprised of his/her rights and, where supported by appropriate medical evidence, given the opportunity for suitable interim adjustments in his/her work assignments.

C.  When the results of the medical examination reveal that the employee:

1. cannot satisfactorily perform useful and efficient service in his/her    regularly assigned job;

2.  retains the capacity to do other work at the same grade or pay level    within the work location or the commuting area; and

3.  otherwise meets the minimum qualifications for an available position    that the Employer seeks to fill;

the Employer will ordinarily offer the employee a reassignment to this  position.  However, the Employer is not obligated to create or vacate a  position for a disabled employee.

Section 5--Counseling

A.  When the Employer determines that the medical evidence reveals: