for maternity leave.

C.  The Employer also agrees to respond to all other leave requests in a timely manner.

D.  Every effort will be made to accommodate employees who are arranging for and/or attending funerals and similar emergencies for immediate relatives, "significant others" or their dependents.

E.  Use of leave will not be the sole basis for denial of overtime or credit hours.

F.  The Employer will provide employees with its written reasons for any denial of leave.

G.  Leave will not be denied as a disciplinary measure.

H.  When timely requested leave cannot be approved or used prior to the end of the leave year, in order to avoid annual leave forfeiture, the annual leave will carry over into the next leave year in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.

I.  Employees, upon request and with the approval of the supervisor, may change previously authorized annual leave to sick leave in accordance with Section 4 of this article.