C. An employee is not entitled to be granted LWOP as a matter of right, except in the case of (1) disabled veterans who are entitled to LWOP for medical treatment under Executive Order 5396, July 17, 1960 (FPM Supplement 990-2, Book 630, S1-4), (2) reservists and National Guardsmen who are entitled to a leave absence for military training under Section 2024(d) of title 38, United States Code, and (3) for limited periods, employees receiving injury compensation under chapter 81 of title 5, United States Code.

Section 8--Military Leave

A.    In accordance with law and regulations, full-time employees who are members of the National Guard or the Armed Forces Reserves are entitled to 15 calendar days of regular military leave (ML) in a fiscal year for active duty or active duty for training.

B.  For part-time employees, ML is pro-rated based on the number of hours in the employee's work week.

C.  Employees who do not use the entire 15 days can carry any unused ML (not to exceed 15 days) over to the next fiscal year.  Military leave may never exceed 30 days.

D.  Regular ML is charged in increments of 1 day and includes nonworkdays falling within the period of absence of military duty, e.g., weekends, holidays, days off due to compressed work schedules.  Nonworkdays falling in the beginning or end of ML are not included in the period of ML.

Section 9--Court Leave

In accordance with law and regulations, an employee with a regular scheduled tour of duty is entitled to court leave (CL) for:

A.  jury duty with a Federal, District of Columbia, State or local court;

B.  witness duty on behalf of a State or local Government;

C.  witness duty on behalf of a private party when the Federal or District of Columbia or a State or local Government is a party to the judicial proceeding.

Section 10--Leave for Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Reasons

A.  The Employer will be liberal when granting leave for maternity reasons and will apply its policies fairly.  Such leave may include LWOP, sick leave (when appropriate) or annual leave.

B.  The following conditions apply to the granting of leave to cover a period of absence for maternity reasons.  Sick leave will be granted for the period of