To the extent practicable, local bargaining issues will be negotiated locally by the Local President and/or Local Representatives.  The parties will endeavor to minimize travel expenses for such negotiations.  In the event that there is no Local Representative or Assistant Local Representative available, labor-management relations will be conducted with the Local President (or designee) directly.

F. A bank of official time will continue to be made available to the Field Council for use by Field Council designees for all representational functions and labor management activities of the Field Council, at all levels.  Such bank time will be available for all labor management activities.

Official time will not be granted for internal Union business in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 7131(b).  Starting January 1, 1989, all time used for labor management activities for the Field Council will come from the bank except matters specifically excluded in F.2 below.

1.  a.  The bank will contain the following hours:

First contract year--110,000 hours
Second contract year--105,000 hours
Third contract year--100,000 hours

      b.  Hours not used during a contract year may be carried over  to the next contract year and added to the above amounts.

2.  Time for the following activities will not be charged to the bank but    will be made available to properly designated representatives, who would    otherwise be in duty status.  Consistent with 5 U.S.C. 71 and this    Agreement, Union designees will be granted reasonable and necessary time to    carry out the following functions:

a.  Term agreement bargaining in accordance with 5 U.S.C.  7131(a) and this agreement.

b. Mid-term consultation and/or bargaining on management-initiated changes.

c.  FLRA and MSPB proceedings.

d.  Representation of bargaining unit employees who have filed formal complaints under the statutory EEO procedure.

e.  Management-initiated grievances.

f.  Travel time for any of the above functions.

3.  a.  The National Council will allocate the bank of hours to be  used by