o    meetings and discussions concerning labor-management relations  that are initiated at the area or regional levels of SSA field offices;

o    notice of proposals to change conditions of employment initiated    by Area Directors or Regional Commissioners (or their designees).

To minimize travel and control negotiations in the event of area-wide bargaining issues or bargaining issues which involve more than one installation within an area, the Regional Vice President will normally delegate the responsibility of negotiations to the Council Representative or Local President representing that area, as appropriate. This will not preclude agreement that such issues may be referred to local bargaining in lieu of higher level bargaining on a case-by-case basis.

D.  Normally, Presidents of affiliate Locals in the National Council, hereinafter called "Local Presidents," and their designees are responsible for coordination and conduct of labor-management relations within the Local's geographical boundaries.  The responsibilities of Local Presidents include but are not limited to:

o    advice, assistance, and other involvement on labor-management    relations assigned to Local Representatives;

o    bargaining agent of the National Council with respect to    bargaining issues that are locally initiated;
o    designation of Union representatives for employee grievances and    arbitrations of such grievances.

E.  Normally, the Local President shall designate one (1) Local Representative and one (1) Assistant Local Representative for each field office installation to coordinate and conduct labor-management relations within that installation.  Such Local Representatives and Assistants shall be recognized as primary or alternate representatives of the Union within that installation.  The responsibilities of Local Representatives should include but are not limited to:

o    meetings and discussions concerning labor-management relations    issues initiated locally;

o    employee grievances within the installation;

o    management notice of proposals to change conditions of    employment initiated locally.

Additional assistant representatives may be designated for field installations in excess of 75 employees but there will be no more than one (1) primary Local Representative.