recognize the necessity of maintaining such relationships.  With the foregoing in mind, the parties hereby incorporate the "Memorandum of Understanding" between the Director, Salinas Data Operations Center, and the Union President representing same, dated September 22, 1977, insofar as said Memorandum is not in conflict with the provisions of this agreement.

C.  The top Union official in each DOC shall supply in writing and maintain with the Administration on a current basis a complete up-to-date list of all elected officers, stewards, committee members, and other authorized representatives.

Section 2

Officers and stewards shall work at their regular work stations except when carrying out functions as provided herein.  Union officials in the steward system shall report to their regular work stations at the beginning of their shift and at the end of their shift unless previous or other acceptable arrangements have been made with their supervisors.

Section 3

Union representatives will be permitted to leave the worksite to discharge their functions as described in this Agreement after reporting to their respective supervisors and identifying in general terms the purpose of their activity, in relation to Section 5 of this article, and according to procedures in practice as of the effective date of this agreement.

Section 4

Union officers will operate on an installation-wide basis in carrying out their responsibilities. The top Union official in each DOC will keep the DOC Director informed of the areas to which Chief Stewards and Stewards are assigned.  The need to train inexperienced Union representatives or to use the special expertise of particular Union officials shall be considered appropriate reasons for Chief Stewards and Stewards to operate outside their Union-assigned area on particular occasions.  Union representatives will be permitted to operate outside their assigned areas with the concurrence of local management, or if an employee exercises his/her right to a Union representative of their own choosing and the Union concurs.

Section 5

Official time shall not be used for internal Union business.

Section 6

Except for Union officials covered by Section 1(B) of this appendix, officers