4.  Serving as a Union representative at a formal discussion(s) between    the Employer and employee(s) concerning a grievance(s) or any personnel  policy, practices or other general conditions of employment.

5.  Time spent in processing informal grievances, and/or other inquiries    (telephone or oral) related to labor-management relations matters.

6.  Representing employees in formal grievances, including arbitration,    Privacy Act complaints or appeals, including time spent in preparation and  presentation.

7.  Time spent in preparation and presentation of Union grievances,  general labor-management relations matters, and/or unfair labor practice  proceedings as determined by the Federal Labor Relations Authority.
8.  The Employer will provide official time for Union sponsored training    not to exceed forty (40) hours per calendar year to attend the annual AFGE 14th District Leadership Training program, so long as it is for the purpose of advising, orienting or briefing Union representatives on matters such as the Civil Service Reform Act, Equal Employment Opportunity, Classification and other concerns which are not solely for or related to internal Union business.

9. Any other official time requested dealing with labor-management    relations concerns which does not fall within the above categories shall be subject to consultation between the parties.

B.  In addition, Union representatives will receive a reasonable amount of official time, not chargeable to the maximum set forth in Section 3 above, for processing statutory appeals which are not covered by the agreement.

Section 5

Union functionaries will be required to request and arrange in advance with his or her supervisor for use of official time by use of the form SSA-75-U4.  The following is the procedure for all employees to follow in requesting official time:

Section 6

Official time may not be employed for the purposes of conducting, engaging in, or participating in internal Union business.