Officers:  Officers of the Union shall receive a reasonable amount of          official time for the performance of labor-management responsibilities          assigned them by the Union, in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 71 and under          the terms of this agreement.

G.  Union-Administration Meetings Office Level Meetings.  The parties agree that it is desirable that meetings take place between office representatives and appropriate Union officials in order to resolve problems and facilitate Union-management communications within the office relating to personnel policies and practices and working conditions.  Meetings on such matters at this level will not preclude discussions at other levels.

Section 2--Use of Official Time by Union Officers

When operating within the building to which he/she is assigned, the Union officer will make arrangements (via the labor relations office) to sign in and out with a management official/supervisor in the immediate area of the Union office or his/her assigned branch office.

On those occasions, when a Union officer is unable to report to his/her normal duty station or sign out at the end of the shift due to circumstances beyond his/her control, e.g., meetings, arbitrations, hearings, etc., the officer shall inform the management official/supervisor in advance of the nature of the business.

Section 3--Assistant Chief Stewards and Stewards

In accordance with Section 1.C., Assistant Chief Stewards and Stewards will inform their supervisor of the type of activity in relation to Section 1.F.  The supervisor will annotate the agreed upon recording form notating the type of absence, the time of departure, and destination.

Upon returning to work at his/her duty station, the Assistant Chief Steward or Steward will inform his/her supervisor.  The supervisor will notate the time returned and the cumulative time used on the recording form.

Appendix B

Program Service Centers

At the time the review is made of the prior PSC Contract, the applicable provisions of official time will be incorporated into the Master Agreement.
The parties agree and acknowledge that no provisions of Article 10 of the OPSC Master Agreement have been compromised by the terms and conditions of this National Master Agreement.