General Agreement between SSA Headquarters and AFGE Local 1923, AFL-CIO, dated 9/15/77, as covered in Article 6, Sections C, D, F, G, H, J and the first paragraph of Section N are incorporated in this Agreement to the extent that these are not inconsistent with the Master Agreement.  These sections are relettered and set forth below:

A. To ensure that employees have reasonable access to Union representatives, the parties agree that there will be one Assistant Chief Steward designated by the Union and recognized by the Administration for each 1,500 unit employees, and one Steward designated by the Union and recognized by the Administration for each 200 unit employees.  The Union shall supply in writing and maintain with the Administration on a current basis a complete up-to-date list of all elected Officers, Assistant Chief Stewards, Stewards, committee members, and other authorized representatives.

B.  Officers, Assistant Chief Stewards, and Stewards shall work at their regular work stations except when carrying out functions as provided herein.
Assistant Chief Stewards and Stewards shall report to their regular work stations at the beginning of their shift and the end of their shift unless previous arrangements have been made with their supervisors.

C.  Union representatives will be permitted to leave the worksite to discharge their functions as described in this Agreement after reporting to their respective supervisors and identifying the purpose of their activity, in relation to Section 1.F. of this article.

D.  Prior to entering a work area to meet with a grievant or other employee in carrying out their representational functions, the Union representatives will inform the employee's immediate supervisor.  If the matter requires the representative and the employee to leave the work area, the Union representative will make arrangements with the supervisor for the release of the employee.  Upon returning to their worksite, Union representatives will inform their immediate supervisors as to whether they are returning to work or if they are continuing to handle a matter as authorized by Section 1.F. of this article.

E. Union officers will operate on a unit-wide basis in carrying out their responsibilities.

The Union will keep the Administration informed of the Stewards and Assistant Chief Stewards who have been appointed as well as the area to which assigned.

Stewards and Assistant Chief Stewards will operate within the confines of their Union-assigned area.

The need to train inexperienced Union representatives or to use the special expertise of particular Union officials shall be considered appropriate reasons