Article 30

Official Time

Section 1--Policy Statement

The parties agree that Union officials, when not engaged in authorized labor-management activities, are expected to accomplish the duties of the position to which they have been assigned.  The Administration recognizes that in the furtherance of good labor-management relations as provided for in the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, Union officials have the responsibility of carrying out representative duties.

Section 2--Designation

A.  In accordance with Appendices A through F the Employer will recognize Union officials designated by the president of each local Union or council, or designee, as appropriate users of official duty hours for Union representational activities and labor-management relations functions.

B.  The Union will provide the Administration with lists of designated Union officials at the respective levels after the effective date of this Agreement and notify the Administration of subsequent changes.  These lists will include each official's name, location and telephone number.

C.  The parties agree that for Appendix F, SSA will only grant official time to those officials designated in writing by the National Council.

Section 3--Allegations of Abuse

Alleged abuses of official time shall be brought to the attention of an appropriate management official on a timely basis by supervisors and management officials.  The management official will then discuss the matter with the local or council president as appropriate.

Section 4--Crossover

In meeting representational needs within a component, the Union will make maximum efforts, consistent with the Union's representational duties, to utilize representatives within the component.

Official time usage as described in this article will be permitted to allow Union officials of one component to engage in representational activities in another component, subject to the following conditions:

A.  The representational activities occur in the local's jurisdiction; and