Article 29


National Level Labor/Management Meetings

The Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner and appropriate staff members shall meet with representatives of the American Federation of Government Employees three times a year.  These meetings at SSA headquarters will be scheduled on mutually agreed upon dates and may be attended by two Union representatives from each of the six (6) components and the General Committee chairperson.

These meetings shall be to exchange information and discuss issues dealing with personnel practices and procedures, matters affecting working conditions and other appropriate subjects.  Individual grievances, complaints or any other issue in a formal appellate procedure will not be a subject of discussion at these meetings.

These 1-day meetings will be held during duty hours and Union representatives in the employ of SSA will be authorized travel, per diem and official time
under the provisions of Article 30.

Matters proposed for discussion by either party will be forwarded to the other party at least thirty (30) working days prior to these meetings.