Article 28

Position Classification

Section 1--General

The parties agree that position descriptions shall accurately reflect the principal duties and responsibilities of the position.

Section 2--Position Description

A.  The Administration will maintain a complete and up-to-date file of position descriptions of all classified positions in the bargaining unit, and will provide each employee with a copy of his/her position description.

B.  When an employee believes that significant changes have occurred in his or her regularly assigned responsibilities and regularly performed duties, the employee will discuss the situation with his/her supervisor.

If the supervisor cannot resolve the employee's concerns to the employee's satisfaction, the employee may request that the supervisor arrange for an appropriate personnel specialist to provide further information to the employee.  This should include information concerning the results of any recent reviews and audits.  The specialist may audit the position if an audit has not been conducted recently.  A copy of the audit report will be given to the employee upon request.  Upon request, the Employer will make a reasonable effort to allow the employee an opportunity to talk with the personnel specialist.

Any employee may file a statutory classification appeal of his/her position at anytime in accordance with appropriate rules and regulations.

A reclassification to a higher grade shall be effective at the conclusion of first full pay period following final approval by the Division of Classification and Organization Management or Servicing Personnel Office if the incumbent of that position is promoted noncompetitively to the position.