Article 27


Section 1--Definition

A detail is the temporary assignment of an employee to a different position or the same position for a specific period, with the employee returning to his/her regular duties at the end of the detail.

Section 2--Documentation

Details in excess of 30 calendar days will be reported on Standard Form 52 (SF-52) and maintained as a permanent record.

Section 3--Duration

The Administration is responsible for keeping details within the shortest practicable time limits and assuring that details do not compromise the open competitive principle of the merit system.

Section 4--Higher Graded Duties

Those details to higher graded positions or to positions with known promotional potential which require competition will be handled in accordance with Article 26.

Section 5--Lower Graded Duties

Should the requirements of the Employer necessitate an employee being detailed to a lower-graded position, it will not adversely affect the employee's ability to bid on any job for which he/she would have been eligible had he/she not been detailed to the lower level job.

Section 6--Union Officials

Management will make every effort to avoid placing a Union official on a detail that would prevent that official from performing his/her representational functions.  The Employer agrees to notify the Union prior to placing any designated Union representatives on detail away from the representative's normal duty station.