E.  The designated official responsible for the package will make the pertinent records from that package available to the Union auditor within 7 working days of the receipt of the audit request.  An auditor shall treat information confidentially.

F.  If an error is discovered which resulted in an employee's exclusion from the well-qualified group, the provisions of Section 13 of this article will apply.

G.  If during the course of the audit additional information is determined to be necessary, such information shall be secured.

H.  Employees who elect to use the grievance procedure rather than the Union audit procedure, must initiate action in accordance with Section 7.A., Article 24, Grievance Procedure.

Section 15--Announcement of Selections

A.  Competitive selections will be announced throughout the area of consideration by posting announcements on designated bulletin boards.  Normally, such announcements will be made within 10 workdays after the close of the pay period during which the selection(s) was made effective.

B. The Union president of each component will also receive notice.

C.  Any other Union official who has received vacancy notices will continue the past practice and also receive this notice as well.

Section 16--Temporary Promotions

When employees are temporarily assigned to a position of a higher grade for a period in excess of 30 days, the assignment must be made via temporary promotion effective the first day of the assignment.

Section 17--Miscellaneous

A.  Personnel Data Summary. An Employee Qualifications Form will be prepared by the Employer and distributed to all unit employees every 2 years.  However, employees may receive a copy at any time, upon request, in order to verify and update the listing.  Employees will be given a reasonable amount of official time to review and update the information shown.