submit  the necessary application to the Servicing Personnel Office with written request that they wish priority consideration for the vacancy.

2. Priority consideration is to be exercised by the selecting officer at    the option of the employee for (an) appropriate vacancy(s).  An appropriate  vacancy is one for which the employee is interested, is eligible, and which leads to the same grade level of the vacancy for which proper consideration  was not given, or for which an employee was denied.

3. Prior to the referral of eligible candidates to the assessment panel, the name(s) of the employee(s) requesting to exercise priority  consideration will be referred to the selecting officer. The selecting officer will make a determination on the requests prior to the assessment panel's evaluation for any other candidates for the vacancy.

4. The fact that the employee chooses to exercise a priority consideration, does not preclude that employee from also filing a regular  application as specified in the vacancy announcement.

D.  Union Notification.  In order to assure compliance with this section, the Union will be furnished statistics on priority considerations granted, exercised, and the results. Statistics will be kept and provided to the Union on a quarterly basis.  The Union will also be notified in writing of each individual priority consideration completed.

Section 14--Union Review of Competitive Actions

A.  The Union will be permitted to conduct audits of promotion packages for all bargaining unit positions, when it has reason to believe a discrepancy exists or when requested to do so by an employee. This may be done at any time after the vacancy announcement posting up to 6 months after the selection is made.

B. The Union will provide the Administration with the names of the Union representatives who are responsible for conducting audits.  Any changes to the list of designated representatives will be sent to the Administration in writing. The representative designated to conduct the audit will not have been an applicant for the promotion package being audited.

C. Employees who believe they were improperly excluded from inclusion as well qualified may request a review of the promotion package through the Union audit procedure described below.

D.  If the employee chooses to use the Union procedure, he/she must make a written request to the Union during the period from the date the eligibles are reffered to the assessment panel up to 15 working days after the selection is posted.  A Union request under subsection (A) above may be made from the date of the posting of the vacancy to 6 months following the date of selection.