2. If the action taken to correct an erroneous promotion was to require    that the position be vacated, employees who were not promoted or given  proper consideration because of the violation (that is, employees in the well-qualified group who were not selected or employees who should have been in this group but were not) will be considered for promotion to the vacated position before candidates are considered under a new promotion or other placement action.

3. The following employees will receive priority consideration in accordance with the procedures set forth below:

*a.  Employees who are in a retained grade status under Title          VIII of the Civil Service Reform Act as a result of action taken in          the Administration and who:

(1) are serving on a full-time basis under career or              career-conditional appointments at GS-15 or below, or a  wage equivalent, in the competitive service; or

(2)  are serving under excepted career or excepted career-              conditional appointments (except that their eligibility for              priority selection consideration is limited to positions which              can be filled under the same excepted  authority as the one used for their appointment); or

(3)  are career or career-conditional employees serving on a              part-time basis (except that their eligibility for priority selection consideration is limited to other part-time assignments).

*b.  Employees who were downgraded without personal cause, i.e., where downgrade was not due to misconduct, inefficiency, or at the employee's own request.  Repromotion may be made to a grade previously held on a non-temporary basis or to an intervening grade. This  applies only when the employee was downgraded in the Administration and the repromotion is to a grade formerly held in the  Administration.

* Employees under these provisions will receive a priority consideration for each grade for which they were demoted or downgraded.

C.  Processing.  The procedures for processing priority  consideration(s) shall be:

l.  Employees will be notified in writing by the  authorized management    official of entitlement to each priority consideration.  Such notice will    advise employees that if a vacancy is announced and posted and the    employees wish to exercise their priority consideration they should