F. Employees selected for career ladder positions will be promoted to the next higher grade level at the beginning of the first pay period after selection, provided time in grade and any other legal promotion requirements are met.

G. Competitive selections will be announced throughout the area of consideration by posting announcements on designated bulletin boards. Normally such announcements will be made within 10 workdays after the close of the pay period during which the selection(s) was/were made effective.

H. The union president of each component will also receive notice.

I. Any other Union official who has received vacancy notices will continue the past practice and also receive this notice as well.

Section 12--Employee Information

A. General.  Employees are entitled to the following  information upon request about vacancies filled under the competitive provisions of this article and for which they are/were under consideration.

l. The assessment criteria used in filling the vacancy;

2.  Whether they meet minimum requirements;

3. Feedback based on the panel's evaluation of their qualification relative to the assessment criteria;

4. Whether or not they were well qualified;

5. The name(s) of the employee(s) who was selected for the vacancy.

Section 13--Priority Consideration

A.  Definition.  For the purposes of this article a priority consideration is the bona fide consideration for noncompetitive selection given to an employee on account of previous failure to properly consider the employee for selection because of procedural, regulatory, or program violation.

B. Eligibility.  The following employees will receive priority consideration in accordance with the procedures set forth.

l.  Where the erroneous selection was allowed to stand, those employees who were not properly considered (as identified below) because of  the violation will receive priority consideration.  An employee is entitled to only one priority consideration for noncompetitive promotion for each  instance in which he/she was previously denied proper consideration.