The list of well-qualified candidates will not be based on a predetermined number of candidates per vacancy unless agreed to between the parties at the componenent level.

E. If an announcement pertains to more than one grade level or geographic location, a separate group of well-qualified candidates will be developed for each grade level and location unless agreed to between the parties at the component level.

F. The panel will work by consensus. The panel will use consensus reaching techniques, and facilitators will be provided as needed.

G. The assessment panel's actions will be treated confidentially and in accordance with provisions of the Privacy Act.

Section 11 - - Selection

A. Once a well-qualified list has been established by the Assessment Panel, there will be no other candidate information gathered by the selecting official. However, this does not preclude the selecting official from recontacting the Assessment Panel and/or interviewing all well-qualified candidates.

B. The selecting official will make selection(s) within 60 calendar days of receipt of the Assessment Panel's well qualified package.

C.  If the vacancy is one for which an underrepresentation exists and is a targeted occupation as identified in the Affirmative Employment  Plan, and there are well-qualified candidates who would reduce the underrepresentation, then the selecting officer will give serious consideration to those individuals who would reduce the underrepresentation. If an underrepresentation is not present, then the selecting officer  will seriously consider  providing upward mobility for those high qualified candidates who have been stagnated in grade.

D. In the event of unanticipated vacancy(s) in the same position and location as the posted vacany occurring within 90 days of the selection, the selecting officer may make additional selections from the well-qualified candidates.

E.  When a selection has been made, the Administration will arrange a release date, notify the employee, and ensure that the appropriate personnel forms are processed.  The effective date of a promotion action, other than promotion within a career ladder, will be the first day of the pay period in which the employee is scheduled to report.  If an employee has been selected for promotion, has accepted the offer, and a reporting date has been established, and the resultant request for personnel action (SF-52) is not timely received and/or acted upon by the appointing official (SPO), the action shall be made retroactive to the reporting date.