In order to assure that broad interests are represented, to the extent practical, the panel should include a member from outside the component in which the vacancy exists.

The parties recognize that some competitive actions may require larger panels. The Administration may determine the necessary panel size. However, all panels of more than four members should consist of an equal number of bargaining unit employees and management officials.

The method of soliciting and selecting bargaining unit volunteers will be subject to the mutual agreement of the parties.

Panel members must not be in competition for the vacancy and must be at least at the same grade, or higher if possible, than the journeylevel of the vacancy to be filled.

An individual may not serve on a panel where a conflict of interest might exist; i.e., a relative.

B. Members of the Assessment Panel should be familiar with the job requirements of the position(s) being filled.

C. Assessment Panel Materials - The Administration will provide the Assessment Panel all of the necessary information for completing its function.

D. Assessment Panel Responsibilities - The Assessment Panel will:

1. Develop assessment criteria;

2. Develop an application tailored to the assessment criteria for the position;

3. Verify applicant information, if necessary;

4. Apply assessment criteria;

5. Identify well-qualified candidates within timeframe set by the selecting official; and

6. Provide input to the selecting official, if requested.

The panel may use interviews as a tool in evaluating candidates.

The panel's working notes and/or work sheets will be made a part of the promotion package, The notes will serve as reference material to document the process by which the well-qualified candidates were identified.