to be filled. The Assessment Panel will determine how to incorporate these factors into the assessment criteria. Such factors (e.g. dependability) could be directly addressed by the employee as part of the application or could be supported by personal/supervisory references.

The basis for an award (provided in writing by the Administration when the award was granted) must be related to the assessment criteria. Employees should include pertinent award justification as a part of the application process and explain the relationship of the award to the assessment criteria.

A. Standard Positions

1. The Parties agree to establish National Joint Panels to develop initial assessment criteria and procedures for standard positions. Membership and mechanics will be subject to the mutual agreement of both parties.

2. Changes to assessment criteria for specific standard positions after initial establishment will be processed in accordance with Article 4.

3. Component Assessment Panels may be established to develop assessment criteria for certain nonstandard positions with like functions.

B. Nonstandard Positions

1. Assessment Panels will establish initial assessment criteria for nonstandard positions. Informational copies will be provided to the Union as a part of the vacancy announcement.

2. Assessment Panels may revise assessment criteria for nonstandard positions, when appropriate. If assessment criteria for specific nonstandard positions are changed after initial establishment and use in a promotion action, the newly developed criteria will be sent to the Union in advance of any future vacancy announcement.

Section 10 - - Assessment Panel

A. Panel Membership Requirements - Assessment Panels will be established for all competitive actions. Panel members shall be instructed in the tasks necessary  to perform the panel's function. The panel shall consist of:

1. Two management officials;

2. Two volunteer bargaining unit representatives selected with the concurrence of the Union.

The number of panel members may be changed by mutual consent of the parties.