this provision will be considered only for those vacancies for which well-qualified candidates have not yet been identified.  If a vacancy was not posted at all, employees filing delayed applications under this provision will be considered fully, if the position(s) has not yet been filled.

D.  Completing the Applications. Employees will complete written applications, when required, and in accordance with instructions in the vacancy announcement, using such forms as are prescribed.

E.  Multiple Applications.  When an employee has applied for, or been automatically considered for, more than one announcement, he/she will be bound by the first promotion or reassignment (in the case of a career ladder) for which the employee has reported, unless:

l.  he/she has accepted a reassignment and another vacancy leads to    a promotion to a higher grade;

2.  another vacancy is in a career ladder or a trainee position leading to    a higher grade;

3.  he/she has accepted a temporary promotion or reassignment and another  vacancy is being filled permanently or if temporary, has a later expiration date.

F. Wage Grade.  Wage grade employees may compete for General Schedule positions and vice versa, but must meet applicable legal requirements including minimum qualification requirements.

Section 9 - - Development of Assessment Criteria

Assessment criteria used to evaluate candidates must be fair, job related, and applied equitably. Employees have the right to view and, upon request, have copies of the assessment criteria for positions for which they are applying.

Assessment criteria will be developed by identifying the major tasks/duties of the position based on information contained in the position description, career ladder plan, qualification standards and or classification standards. Any task examples and/or operational definitions shall be derived from and consistent with the official position description of record and made available to employees to assist them in the development of their application. The task examples should not be taken as the only types of evidence which demonstrate possession of assessment criteria.

All assessment criteria necessary of selection will be established by the Assessment Panels. The selecting official will communicate to the Assessment Panel any factors which should be considered important for the position