furnish, the employee will have 3 workdays to submit the application following receipt of the information.  The employee should attach to the late application a brief note by his/her supervisor verifying the delay.

b.  Scheduled Absence Over 3 Weeks: Employees scheduled to be absent in excess of 3 weeks for any of the following reasons:

(1)  Approved leave
(2)  Details
(3)  Training courses
(4)  Official business
(5)  Compensable injury
(6)  Service with the military, public international organizations, or with state or local governments

will be  considered for promotional opportunities within the  area of consideration for vacancies which occur during their absence.  Prior to departure, employees should complete an application with a written request and submit it to their Servicing Personnel Office who will ensure that the application is considered for vacancies for which the employee is eligible. Employees, who so desire, may provide information so that they can be contacted during their absence, and thus provide additional information, as needed.

c. Scheduled Employee Absence During Entire Posting Period: Employees temporarily absent on approved leave, detail, at training courses, or on official business for an entire posting period may, upon their return, review position vacancies announced and closed during  their absence, and make application for such vacancies in which they are interested. Such late applications must be submitted within 3  workdays after return to duty and must be accompanied by a statement prepared and signed by the employee, and also signed by his/her supervisor, explaining the dates and reason(s) for the employee's absence.  Employees filing delayed applications under this provision  will be considered only for those vacancies for which well-qualified candidates have not yet been identified. If a vacancy was not posted at all, employees filing delayed applications under this provision will be considered fully, if the position(s) has not yet been filled.

3. Filing Extension Due to Delayed Posting.  If a vacancy is not posted    on official bulletin boards timely, employees will be granted an equal    extension of time to file their application, to compensate for the amount    of time the posting was late.  Employees requesting an extension for this    reason should attach to their application a brief note by their supervisor    verifying the late posting.  Employees filing delayed applications under