G.  Amending Vacancy Announcements.

If a vacancy announcement has been posted and is later found to contain a substantial error concerning items listed in Section 5D., then the announcement will be amended if the selecting official still intends to fill the position under the competitive process.  The amendment should cite the change(s) and indicatewhether ornot theoriginal applicantsneed to refile inorder tobe considered.

Section 8--Employee Applications

A.  Who Must File: To be considered for an announced vacancy, an employee must file the appropriate application (as described in the announcement) unless the employee is in an area of automatic consideration.  Where an area of automatic consideration is used, an employee need not file unless the announcement specifies that an application is necessary in order to address specific assessment criteria.

B.  Electronic Application Forms

Management will afford unit employees access and instructions so they may use SSA's personal computers to complete automated applications and related forms under this article. Access will be granted to the extent tha computers, related equipment and computer time are available and such use will not impede Agency operations. For purposes of this agreement, access includes a reasonable amount of time during an employee's working hours to prepare or modify his/her application.

C.  Time Limits: The time limits for filing for an announced vacancy are as follows:

l. Open-Continuous Announcements.  An employee may file at any time as outlined in the vacancy announcement.  The cutoff date for applicants to be considered for a specific vacancy will be  the date the request to fill the vacancy is received in the Servicing Personnel Office; applications received after that date will be considered for future vacancies.

2. Individual Announcements: For an individual announcement, an    employee's application must be received by the Servicing Personnel Office, or postmarked, by the closing date shown on the vacancy announcement.

a.  Delayed Filing: If an employee's filing of an application is delayed beyond the closing date because the employee was awaiting information which a management official had agreed to