3.  Position number(s), title(s), series, and grade(s);
4.  Number of vacancies to be filled.
5.  Promotional test to be used, if any; and where applicable, positions in the "same-line-of-work;"
6.  Geographic and organizational location and tour of duty hours;
7.  Time in grade requirements, if any;
8.  Area  of consideration;
9. Summary of qualification requirements;
10. Hours of work and/or the availability of alternative work schedule options;
11. If appropriate, a statement that the vacant position is a trainee position leading to a noncompetitive promotion;
12.  Permanent or temporary nature, and duration, if temporary;
13. Filing instructions;
14. Name and telephone number of the personnel specialist or other  individual to contact for information relating to the announcement; and
15.  The Servicing Personnel Office or the address where the application is    to be submitted.

The Administration agrees to standardize SSA vacancy announcements to the extent feasible.

E. Announcing Career Ladder Vacancies and Vacancies Covered by Training Agreements. 

Career ladder vacancies and vacancies covered by training agreements may be announced at any or all grades.  The Union will be provided with written notice of any changes in the posting of these announcements, prior to being posted.
F.  Posting and Distribution of Vacancy Announcements.

The Administration agrees to provide a copy of the following at the time of or prior to posting:  vacancy announcements will be provided to all of the SSA Union components; in addition, the assessment criteria  will be provided to the SSA Union component(s) within the area of consideration, and SSA headquarters will also receive a copy of the SSA-285.  The Administration agrees to post vacancy announcements within the area of consideration and to make copies available to employees, upon request, in accordance with the following:

l.  Individual vacancy announcements will remain open and posted for 15 workdays.

2.  Open continuous announcements will remain posted at all times unless    the Administration determines to discontinue the usage of these    announcements in which case the Union will be provided proper notice prior    to notice to employees.